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This cold water diet is made with lesser amounts of protein and contains wheat germ which is easily digested. Bacillus Subtilis natto helps aid in digestion and helps pond fish assimilate essential micronutrients. This food is available in the large pellet only 3/16" size pellet.This formula also contains a higher level of fats to prepare the fish for winter. Aquascape Premium Staple Fish Food Pellets have been scientifically formulated to provide premium nutrition to all pond fish including goldfish and koi. Unchallenged value : Nothing even comes close A year-round diet formulated to produce maximum growth with minimum waste.Tetra pond food sticks have been specifically developed by Tetra to give pond fish a complete, balanced diet as they contain all the animal and vegetable protein that your fish need.50 years of extensive research in fish nutrition has made Tetra a world leader in fish food.Koi need a special combination of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to achieve maximum growth in your water garden.

Floating Sticks As far as we know, Ecological Laboratories is the first fish food manufacturer to commercially produce this type of food. If you don't have time to cut up fruits and vegetables for your pond fish, give them this "fruits and greens" blend.

Aquascape offers a premium staple floating pellet ideal for all pond fish. Premium staple fish food contains a stabilized multivitamin. Available in two pellet sizes, 1/8" mini pellet for fish under five inches and a 3/16" large pellet for fish over five inches. A Daily Diet Growth Booster Offering Heightened Lipid And Protein Levels with More Than 50% Natural Silkworm Pupae. Silkworm Selects offers your koi the highly desirable benefits of silkworm without the negative impacts common with other silkworm-type products.

The extreme silkworm content offers a supplemental food, rich in natural lipids and proteins, offering your koi the building blocks they require for superior 'traditional' growth and 'true koi' conformation.

Recommended for fish 4" and smaller, this diet contains stabilized vitamin C to help promote proper tissue development. Alternate feeding the two supplemental foods every other day (four days per week). Aquascape Premium Flake Fish Food has been scientifically formulated to provide premium nutrition to all pond fish including goldfish and koi.

Due to the lower protein content this can be alternated with the Cold Weather formula during colder weather as well. The inclusion of plankton and shrimp meal help make this food irrestible to all pond fish and can be easily consumed by smaller fish including babies known as fry.


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