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This would include adding them as Friends on Facebook on your own or a newly created Facebook account and then adding them into the relevant group (We do not want smart home enthusiasts in the aromatherapy group and vice versa).

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KPI Library is a crowd-sourced repository of Key Performance Indicator Definitions.

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I realize that you, and a number of other Ridge Road families, purchased your homes specifically to be in that school district.

In accord with Connecticut General Statutes' requirement to provide a free public school education, the Board of Education will provide at no cost to students all instructional equipment, books and materials as it deems necessary, needed to maintain the desired instructional program subject to reasonable rules concerning their care and use.

No fees, deposits or other charges not specifically outlined in an approved student handbook, course guide, or parent handbook shall be levied.

I also know that you, and many other families both at Green Acres and Ridge Road are passionate about the ID program. I want to assure you that the ID program will continue to exist at both schools and we will continue to explore ways of making it better for all students.

Right now, my discussions with administrators is about how we might do that.


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