Comfort and twitch dating

Many mornings I did wake up with morning wood but luckily she never noticed or said anything.

Not wanting to stop the humping action just yet I moved my hand away from her panty area and slowly moved up to her breast area. Her nipples hard and poking through her tank top which she pulled off revealing her tits. I pushed it in deeply and held it there for just a second before pulling it out again.Sure I noticed that almost every guy around her checked her out in some way.And sure I noticed that she looked more and more like her mother as the years passed by.The wedding was nothing special except that to us it was the most special event ever. It was no one's fault really; just a crazy accident caused by snow and ice. I, by the way, am 6'1 225 and still pretty fit for my age of 40. Our sex life was incredible and very open..on that later but this story is about how something awesome and unexpected happened with my lovely at the time 18 year old daughter.Until that one night 4 months after Michelle passed away.


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