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So we ordered in a ventilated memory foam mattress topper for it.That served us well for a couple of years, until the topper started to split."We have an RV that we travel in, so that makes [following Jason on Tour] very doable for me, because when we’re on the road, I cook, we have all of our stuff, I can let our son play outside ... We are so fortunate that the PGA Tour makes it so family-friendly. Jason goes to work and I have great friends on the road now. I didn’t even have Twitter at that point, but I had 60-some friend requests that night on Facebook and I was like, 'Who are these weirdos? You can just walk into a mattress store and get what you want.This is definitely a consideration to keep in mind when selecting your RV or boat if you want to keep your options open.Denver Mattress did replace it for us, but it too started to show signs of dipping pretty quickly.Our friends the Snowmads tried out the same mattress and loved theirs, but we can’t give it our stamp of approval.

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We walked across the street from our RV park and tried everything on the floor out.This is very handy for nomads, as the mattress is delivered to your door compressed, and then picked up wherever you happen to be when your trial ends.For a great overview and reviews of some of the options out there, we recommend checking out Sleepopolis – they do a great job of covering the options. Before hitting the road, I had a Tempur Pedic classic mattress that I loved (and Chris grew to appreciate too after we met).We initially really liked it, but it turned out to be too firm for our tastes.It’s apparently much more suited for smaller framed folks than us.The difficulty with replacing your mattress, is that so many RVs and boats come with odd shaped and sized beds. This can range from shorter lengths, rounded or angled corners, V-berths, hinges for storage access, to just downright unique shapes.


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